As a teenager, I started performing stand-up comedy regularly in bars and clubs across New York City, including New York Comedy Club and Greenwich Comedy Club. It exposed me to many unique situations and people and gave me an excellent writing foundation.

In college, I was exposed to journalism and pursued it in all forms. Freelancing has given me the luxury of covering a diverse subject matter rather than a single beat. I've wiped pepper spray from my eyes and mustard off my shirt while working for prominent names like Al Jazeera and Business Insider.

My love of storytelling, especially from multiple perspectives, and ability to get results on tight deadlines eventually led me to filmmaking. Over the past several years, my skillset has grown to include screenwriting, directing, editing, and location sound mixing. My first films, New Shoes and Esmeralda, are currently making festival rounds.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief overview of my work. Please take a moment to click through the rest of my website for samples of my work and more information.